So is it possible to make a lot of money from a low risk betting system? And the answer quite simply is yes because you are able to maintain long term profitable strike rates on a variety of football betting markets.

This is due to the fact that a low risk betting system will highlight football bets with the highest probability of a profitable outcome, of course 100% accuracy is not possible due to the variants involved with professional betting.

However even with all of the variants taken into account, a low risk betting strategy will still maintain long term profitable strike rates, due to fact that bets will only be placed on selections with the highest probability of a profitable ROI.


Here at Quantum Sports Betting we implement mathematical betting strategies that have proven to be very effective when it comes to highlighting football bets with the highest probabilities of a profitable ROI.

You only have to follow our long term strike rate percentages, and our results section to know that we are able to deliver when it comes to a mathematical betting strategy that works, and a proven low risk betting system.

Our Weekly football betting tips, and our football betting tutorials will give you the ability to execute a low risk betting system, by simply giving you a wide variety of options when it comes to extracting your profit.


We are that confident that you will make a profit from our football betting tips, that we are willing to give you a 2 week trial completely free, and if our low risk betting system does not deliver then you don't pay.

This is due to the fact that each of our football betting selections has been subjected to a very detailed selection process before they qualify for each individual football betting market, which so far has proven to be very effective.

When you are betting and trading at a professional level with a low risk betting system, the main objective is to maintain long term profitable strike rates, whilst also protecting your overall betting bank.


So how do you protect your overall betting bank whilst increasing your long term profit margins? Well quite simply you have to remain disciplined with the selection process and your staking strategy per investment.

We recommend to our subscribers and members to stake 1% of there overall betting bank on single and multiple bets, and up to 5% if there intention is to trade out for profit pre match, or in play which carries a lot less risk.

When you have the ability to bet and trade at a professional level, we highly recommend using Betfair or Betdaq, as these are the 2 most popular with the most liquidity within popular football betting markets.


The reason that you are wanting there to be a high volume of liquidity within the football betting markets, is so that when you are wanting to trade out for profit, you are able to do so with the minimum of delay.

With our mathematical betting strategies being so accurate at predicting if a football match is going to be a high scoring fixture, or a low scoring fixture, our low risk betting system consistently has a very profitable ROI.

Everything you need to know about our the mathematical betting strategies, and our low risk betting system, is all included in our football betting tutorials which are currently available at a 90% discounted price.

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