If you are searching for a football bet winning formula then you should really consider purchasing 1 of our football betting tutorials from our tutorial section.

Because within each of our football betting tutorials we are able to teach you a combination of key factors that play a pivotal role when it comes to highlighting specific fixtures to extract profit from.

Here at Quantum sports betting there has been a wealth of experience that has gone into producing our overall mathematical betting strategies, and they have consistently produced profitable results for a very long period of time.


In total we target 12 very specific football betting markets for our betting and trading, but the secret to our success is that we only execute any of our bets within fixtures that qualify to a very fine detail.

Our very detailed selection process consists of specific league selection, specific fixture selection, applying mathematics to qualify and rank selections for very specific football betting markets.

Once we have our qualifying fixtures we are ready to place our bets onto a betting exchange, the 2 most popular are Betfair and Betdaq, and then we either extract our profit pre in play, in play, or let the bets run out for maximum value.


Once you have the ability to filter through the fixtures and rank qualifying fixtures to specific betting markets, you will also have the ability to extract your profit at pretty much any stage of the football match.

Now the safest option is to extract your profit pre match however this option will give you the least returns on your investment, but of course it's the safest due to the fact that you make your profit before the match even starts.

Leaving your bets to trade in play or letting them run out until the final whistle are more risky however they give you a much higher return, the good news is that our strike rates produce profit whichever way you want to bet and trade.


If you are searching for a mathematical betting strategy, then look no further than our very low cost football betting tutorials where you will gain the football betting knowledge required to profit from your football betting.

A proven football bet winning formula can only be deemed successful over a very long period of time, this is due to the many different variants involved when betting and trading at a professional level.

We currently target 12 very specific football betting markets and we use a proven football bet winning formula on each for a very detailed selection process which plays a pivotal role in returning long term profit margins.


When you decide to become a member here at Quantum Sports Betting you will gain access to your chosen football bet winning formula, where you will learn a combination of key factors that have proven to work for a very long period of time.

Each football bet winning formula tutorial includes which specific leagues that we target, which specific types of fixtures within those leagues, and which markets have the the highest percentages for a profitable return.

You will also find that within your chosen football bet winning formula tutorial we also implement a mathematical betting strategy to qualify and rank each selection before we execute them for any betting or trading.


Along with the many football bet winning formula markets that we cover, we also have an excellent over 0.5 goals system that has proven to work on a consistent basis over a very long period of time.

Our football bet winning formula also include an over 1.5 goals system, and over 2.5 goals system, and an over 3.5 goals system, which are all successful when it comes to achieving long term profitable strike rates.

The football bet winning formulas cover a variety of football betting markets, because to become a successful football trader you need a good balance and variation within your average price ranges.


Within your chosen football bet winning formula tutorial you will have access to a highly successful football betting formula that has the ability to take an football bettor or trader up to a much more professional level.

Your chosen football bet winning formula will teach you which football leagues to target for specific football betting markets, and which fixtures to select, as well as how to rank and qualify each selection using mathematics.

Each football bet winning formula that we teach has proven to work over a very long period of time, and has proven to be very effective when it comes to extracting profit on a consistent basis on the betting exchange.

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