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Here at Quantum sports betting when it comes to our professional football prediction for today, the most notable pattern is the consistency of the results over the long term within all of our football betting and trading.

We mostly put this down to just how detailed and thorough our whole selection process is before a fixture actually qualifies itself as a selection for our professional football predictions strategy.

Everything about how we filter through the fixtures in very fine detail until we have our list of professional football prediction strategy bets, is all taught within our our easy to understand step by step football betting tutorials.

Football prediction for today betfair

Our professional football prediction for today strategy is made up from a combination or key factors which in turn play a key role in being able to sustain long term profitable strike rates, and a long term profitable ROI.

For instance we only target specific leagues for specific football betting markets, and we only target specific types of fixtures within those leagues, and a fixture only then qualifies after we apply our professional football predictions strategy.

We believe that it's this combination of key factors within our professional football predictions strategy, that has played a pivotal role in enabling us to extract our profits from the betting exchange on a very consistent and regular basis.

Football prediction for today betdaq

When you have read through any of our football prediction for today tutorials which are currently available at a 90% discounted price, you will then have the ability to apply our professional football prediction strategy.

For our members to be able to extract as much profit as possible on each selection, we highly recommend that they do all of there betting and trading on either Betfair or Betdaq as these are the most popular with the most liquidity available.

With more liquidity available in the football betting markets, it allows you to place a wide range of betting amounts, and it also lets you have the ability to extract your profit either pre in play or actually in play.

Football prediction for today bet 365

When you have the ability to highlight football fixtures of the highest quality for a profitable return, this makes your pre match trading so much easier as the chances of the price decreasing with these selections is much higher.

When it comes to football prediction for today pre match trading you are looking to invest in your market price 4 - 12 hours prior to kick off, and with the correct selections you will be able to trade out for profit before kick off.

This is due to the fact you will have highlighted these markets and invested at a much higher price, and as further investments are made the price will decrease for your pre match trading profit.

Football prediction for today williamhill

Within our football prediction for today tutorials we teach you how to highlight the best fixtures for your betfair pre match trading strategies which can be applied effectively on a variety of professional football prediction strategy.

With our very detailed approach to our selection process, we are then able to target 12 specific football betting markets for any betfair pre match trading strategies for consistent long term profit.

A key factor to your success with any of your betfair pre match trading strategies, is that you are able to identify a price early on that you know has a very good chance of reducing prior to kick off.

Today match prediction

The easiest football bets to win would be the over 0.5 goals markets or the under 6.5 goals markets, however you would need a very high percentage strike rate to show good long term profit due to the prices being so short.

With a professional football prediction for today strategy, the next easiest football bets to win would be the over 1.5 goals market, or the under 5.5 goals market, which offer more value when it comes to the average betting price.

Our football betting tutorials teach each of our members to have a balance when it comes to the professional football predictions strategy, by having a mix of short priced selections and higher priced selections.

Direct win prediction

Our football prediction for today tutorials can teach you how to highlight fixtures that are have a high probability of being very low scoring, these selections could easily be implemented into an effective under 0.5 goals strategy.

We mostly recommend these selections for the under 3.5 goals market, the under 4.5 goals market, the under 5.5 goals market, and the under 6.5 goals market, but they could also be used in an under 0.5 goals strategy.

Once you have the ability to highlight a number a low scoring fixtures for your under 0.5 goals strategy, your strike rate would realistically need to be around 20% successful to show a good return on your investment.

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