Football Betting Booking Points: A Comprehensive Guide

The world of sports betting has evolved significantly over the years, and gone are the days when the options available to punters were limited to picking the winner of a football match. With the growth of sports betting comes an array of betting markets, one of which is football "booking points."

This market attracts both professional bettors and recreational players alike. In this comprehensive article, we will take an in-depth look into football betting booking points; what they are, how they work and some popular strategies to help you capitalize on them.

What are Football Booking Points?

Simply put, booking points refer to a point-based system of calculating financial outcomes in a betting market involving cards issued by referees during a football match. These cards, as you might be aware, include yellow and red cards. In booking point bets, a point-value is assigned to each card, depending on its level of severity:

  • Yellow Card = 10 points
  • Red Card = 25 points
  • 2 Yellow Cards resulting in a Red Card = 35 points

It is essential to note that the last category includes cases where a player receives two yellow cards in the same game, followed by a red card, which is treated as a separate entity.

How Do Football Booking Points Work?

In essence, betting on football booking points involves predicting the total number of booking points to be accumulated during a match. Bookmakers present punters with different ranges of total booking points, and your goal is to decide whether the actual value will be higher or lower than the predetermined ranges set by the bookie.

Here is a quick example: Let's assume the bookmaker sets the following booking points range for an upcoming match between Team A and Team B:

  • Under 30 points
  • 30-50 points
  • Over 50 points

As a punter, you can decide to place your bet on any of the three options provided by the bookmaker, based on your analysis and prediction. If your prediction is correct, your bet wins, and you receive the designated payout.

Types of Football Booking Points Bets

There are several types of bets available when it comes to football booking points. Some of the most popular include:

Total Booking Points

The most straightforward and common form of booking points bet is predicting the total number of booking points in a match, as outlined in our earlier example.

Team Booking Points

In this betting market, you are predicting the total number of booking points for one specific team rather than both teams combined. Bookmakers usually present this as an over/under market.

First/Last Card

Another popular type of booking points bet is predicting which team will receive the first or last card in a match. It's important to remember that this bet is solely based on the team and not the player receiving the card.

Player Booking Points

This market allows bettors to predict whether a specific player will receive a yellow or red card during the match. The odds for player booking points can vary significantly depending on the player's position and reputation.

Factors to Consider Before Betting on Booking Points

To improve your chances of success when betting on football booking points, you should take several factors into consideration. These include:

Referee History

An essential factor to consider is the referee officiating the match, as some referees have a reputation for being strict, resulting in more cards being issued. Checking the ref's past history in terms of booking points can offer valuable insight.

Team Style

The playing style of the teams involved in a match can affect the number of booking points in a game. Teams with aggressive tactics or that engage in physical and robust contests are more likely to accumulate more booking points.

Team and Player Discipline

It is crucial to analyze both teams' discipline records before placing your bets, as past history and trends can give you an indication of their potential accumulation of booking points. Individual players with a history of poor discipline should also be considered when betting on specific player booking point markets.

Match Importance

Crucial matches, such as cup finals, local derbies, or relegation battles, tend to produce a higher number of booking points, as players will be more aggressive and determined to win. On the other hand, friendly or inconsequential matches may result in fewer cards.

Popular Strategies for Betting on Football Booking Points

While no strategy guarantees success, some popular methods can be employed to improve your chances of winning when betting on booking points:

  1. Statistical Analysis: This involves studying both teams' past records, form, discipline, and referee history to make a more informed decision when placing your booking points bets.
  2. In-play Betting: Betting on booking points in-play allows you to gain valuable insight into how the match is being played out, which can significantly impact the number of cards and booking points.
  3. Bet on Derbies: In most football leagues, local rivalries are generally fierce, and betting on booking points in such matches can yield favorable returns.
  4. Multibets: When you are confident about several matches, combining multiple booking point bets can significantly increase the potential payout.


Betting on football booking points offers an exciting and dynamic way to engage in football betting, with numerous markets and factors to consider. By using informed strategies, analyzing teams, players, and referee records, you have the potential to turn this exciting betting market into a profitable endeavor. Keep in mind that no strategy is foolproof, so always bet with caution and within your financial limits, and most importantly, have fun!

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