Football betting prediction

When it comes to football betting prediction here at Quantum sports betting, our team of leading experts have found over the years, that specific football leagues are best suited for separate football betting markets over a long duration.

What can make football betting prediction so difficult, is the fact that injuries to key players, and early red cards, can have a huge impact on how the rest of the match plays out, and this can heavily effect that particular football betting prediction.

The way we approach each football betting prediction is explained in detail within our about section, our football betting prediction strategy has been able to produce many 100 sure football predictions on a very consistent basis for a number of years.

Football betting prediction today

Over the course of a month we will have 100 sure football predictions, with prices ranging from even money, all the way up to 50/1 or more within the over 6.5 goals market, some days and weeks this really can be our football betting prediction.

You can simply follow each football betting prediction either within our results section, or there is a detailed up to date strike rate graph for each separate football betting market which can be located within our chart section.

Each football betting prediction must qualify from a very thorough selection process before it is selected as a bet or trade on the betting exchange, the two most popular betting exchanges at the moment are Betfair and Betdaq, which hold the most liquidity.

Football betting prediction for today

The variants such as red cards and injuries to key players, especially early on in a match, can make football prediction much more difficult, which is why it's fairly critical to remain disciplined with the selection process, and your staking plan.

Our team of leading experts have found that a combination of key elements play a key role in our football betting prediction strategy, maintaining long term profitable success, either in local betting shops, or on the most popular betting exchanges.

For each football betting prediction posted on our website, the correct league and betting market must be chosen, then very specific fixtures, with an additional mathematical strategy to qualify and rank each football prediction.

Football betting prediction this week

Here at Quantum sports betting our today football betting prediction can be found within our qsb tipsters section which is located on our home page, each today football prediction has been processed through a mathematical formula for the best results.

Each today football prediction has either qualified for only the over 0.5 goals and over 1.5 goals market, or the today football prediction selections have qualified for the many other football etting markets that we bet and trade in.

Each today football prediction gives you the opportunity to make your profit from pre and in play trading, as well as all single and multiple type betting, our today football prediction selections also perform well in football accumulators.

Football betting prediction this weekend

If you are just starting out as football bettor and trader, you may find it fairly helpful to follow team of journalists within our media section, they can be followed within our website, and over many of the social media platforms.

Our team of dedicated journalists keep up to date with all of the latest football news around the world, and it's this kind of detail that has lead our football betting prediction strategy to be so effective for ensuring a long term profit.

Not only is it critical to have a very detailed selection strategy, but an inclusion of mathematics, and a realistic staking plan when combined correctly, will all play a key role in your long term success as a professional football bettor and trader.

Direct win prediction

With each direct win football betting prediction, we have eliminated the pre and in play trading for maximizing our profit margins, each direct win prediction can be seen as a gamble within a gamble, as you have the choice to trade out or leave to run.

Our direct win prediction strike rates can be clearly seen for each football betting market within our chart section, the direct win prediction strategy is the most profitable approach, but comes with more risk than pre and in play trading.

This of course is all down to your personal preference, the great thing about using the popular betting exchanges, is that it gives you the opportunity to extract your profit in a variety of ways, such as pre and in play trading.

Best football tips for today

As a subscriberyou will find the best football betting prediction tips for today within our qsb tipsters section located on our home page, each of our football tips for today has gone through a very advanced selection strategy to qualify for it's chosen betting market.

How our team of leading experts select each of the best football tips for today, is taught in great detail within an easy to follow step by step guide within each of our football betting tutorials, each will take the average football bettor to a more advanced level.

We are currently the market leaders when it comes to producing the very best football tips for today, and this has played a key role in maintaining our long term subscribers, as each week and month we are able to retain high profit margins.

Betting tips 1x2

Our selections are so procise that when it comes to betting tips 1x2, we are able to always pretty much show a profit, if not in the short term, then our football betting prediction tips 1x2 will certainly show a profit over the long term within many betting markets.

Betting tips 1x2 has become more and more popular each year, as well as match betting and many others, many punters are keen to find long term profitable strategies within the football betting markets, either online or in the betting shop.

Betting tips 1x2 gives some reassurance to minimum losses whilst aiming to make a profit, very similar to pre and in play trading, our betting 1x2 selections have remained consistant for a very long period of time when it comes to making profit.

Free betting tips

You will find that many websites offer free football betting prediction tips, however they will not have gone through any thorough selection process, they are just used for affilate marketing, hoping that you will sign up, then profit from your losses.

Free betting tips are offered all over the internet, and they are used to draw you in to signing up to some bookmaker, then the owner of that link that offered you free betting tips will benefit each month from your overall losses.

Here at Quantum sports betting we do not offer free betting tips, as we are not an affiliate site, each of our selections has undergone a very detailed and thorough selection process, before it qualifies for each specific betting market.

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