Here at Quantum sports betting when it comes to our soccer over under betting strategy, we highlight 15 very specific leagues for our over goals betting, and we highlight 15 specific leagues for our under goals betting.

This is due to the fact that the separate leagues have different styles of play which play a key role when it comes to maintaining consistency with your soccer over under betting strategy.

Within our football betting tutorials we also teach how we highlight very specific fixtures within these specific leagues to give us the best results when we decide to finally execute our soccer over under betting strategy onto the betting exchange.


The great thing about soccer over under betting strategy in the over goals markets on betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq, which are currently the 2 most popular of the betting exchanges.

With a successful soccer over under betting strategy, you always have a fairly wide range as to when and how much profit you would like to extract out of the market, and always in a fairly safe and risk free manner.

Of course the least risk but least amount of value comes from pre in play trading, or you can simply wait until the goals start going in as predicted from our soccer over under betting strategy, and then cash out at your targeted amount of profit.


The soccer over under betting strategy can pretty much work in the same way, it is of course always possible to trade out for your profit pre in play once the price decreases on the selection.

Or for much more value on the soccer over under betting strategy you can wait until the match goes in play and the longer it remains goalless as predicted from the pre match calculations the more profit you will be able to extract.

When you start to really get into soccer over under betting strategy. you will learn to keep track of each markets success rates along with Weekly profit turnover from each market, and your long term profitable ROI.


Within our football betting tutorials you will find the very best and successful football betting strategies available today, that are able to take an average football bettor up to a much more professional level.

All of our successful football betting strategies target specific football leagues, specific fixture types, specific football betting markets, combined also with mathematical ranking and qualifying.

This very detailed approach is required for all of our successful football betting strategies, and you can learn how to apply our methods within any of our very low cost football betting tutorials.


Our football betting strategies cover a range of football betting markets including under 4.5 goals strategy, which holds a long term profitable strike rate, and consistently sustains long term profit margins.

A very good under 4.5 goals strategy can be very rewarding long term, providing that you know which leagues to focus on, and which types of football fixtures are guaranteed to be very low scoring.

A lot of football bettors and traders find great value and overall profit margins from executing a tried and tested under 4.5 goals strategy, as it can be one of the most consistent markets to make great profit from.


Each of our members here at Quantum Sports Betting are able to produce Saturday football tips and predictions, as they are able to apply our methods taught within any of our football betting tutorials.

With Saturday football tips and predictions a lot of profit can be turned over due to the high amount of quality selections, money can be made pre in play, in play, or just from single and multiple football bets.

So if you are looking to gain the required football knowledge to be able to create your own Saturday football tips and predictions, then you should really take advantage of one of our very low cost football betting tutorials.


When it comes to our Saturday football prediction, not only do we cover a total of 30 specific football leagues, but also certain football fixtures and football betting markets with our mathematical betting strategies.

Saturday football prediction can prove to be very rewarding when you are able to produce a list of high quality profitable fixtures, which allow you to consistently extract profit from the various football betting markets.

With a great Saturday football prediction strategy, high quality bets can be placed on both single and multiple football bets, as well as making profit from your pre in play and in play football trading.

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