Of course the easiest football bets to win are the the really short priced ones such as double chance and over 0.5 goals however you would still need a very good mathematical betting strategy in place to return a profitable ROI long term.

With the easiest football bets to win, you would be having to stake a much larger amount to win very little, and for you to return a profitable ROI long term your strike rate would most probably need to be around 100%.

This is why at Quantum sports betting we target in total 12 very specific football betting markets where the prices can be much more generous, and a strike rate of 50% - 100% depending on the market will return a long term profitable ROI.


As you can see from our results section, we are able to apply a soccer bet winning formula that is able to predict a number of easiest football bets to win with a very consistent profitable strike rates.

We are able to maintain our Weekly profit margins by only highlighting quality selections as appose to quantity, this approach allows for minimal risk to your overall betting bank with maximum gains, from our easiest football bets to win.

Everything that you need to know when it comes to applying a easiest football bets to win, is all taught within our football betting tutorials located on our home page, or you can just subscribe to our Weekly selections.


Within our tutorials section we have put together some very detailed and easy to understand football betting tutorials that will teach the easiest football bets to win at a much more professional level.

What has played a pivotal role for us over the Years has been a combination of specific league selection, specific fixture selection, specific market selection, and then applying our easiest football bets to win strategy to rank each selection.

This is the reason that only a very small percentage of football bettors are able to make profit long term because it's this kind of fine detail that needs to be applied if you are to become a successful football bettor and trader long term.


Once you have the ability to highlight the easiest football bets to win and football betting markets, the best strategy to win football bets is to get in early at the best available prices, and remain disciplined when it comes to extracting your profit.

A key factor to easiest football bets to win trader, is to remain disciplined within the selection process and your long term staking plan, many football traders fail by not remaining consistent within these two factors.

With our selection process we are able to extract our profit from the easiest football bets to win, no higher than doubles and trebles, this has proven to be very effective when it comes to maintaining profitable results.


When you feel ready to start betting and trading at a much more professional level, we highly recommend that you do so on the various available betting exchanges due to the wide range flexibility that they offer.

For example you can trade out for profit pre in play, you can trade out for profit in play, or you can go for maximum value and just let your bets run out until the final whistle.

Currently the most popular of the betting exchanges are Betfair and Betdaq and you will find that these have the most liquidity within there sports betting markets when it comes to betting and trading at a professional level.


What separates a professional football trader from the average every day punter is the ability to remain consistent when it comes to maintaining profitable strike rates, and a disciplined exit strategy.

For the best results we highly recommend that you only focus on football betting markets that have the highest percentages of a profitable outcome, but of course things like red cards and injuries cannot be predicted.

And these can greatly effect the outcome of a football match especially if they occur early on to key players, however these types of events are just part of the variants that need to be accounted for when betting at a professional level.


The easiest bets for you to win today would most likely be within the over / under goals markets which are very popular amongst football bettors and traders that operate at a higher level of betting.

This is due the fact that not only is it fairly easy to predict whether a football match is going to have plenty of goals or not, but the over / under goal markets gives the professional trader an adequate amount of time to make there decisions.

For instance you could decide to extract your profit pre match or in play as the market falls in your favour, and this applies if you are invested in either the over or the under goals football betting markets.


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