For the best football betting tips 1X2 you really have to look no further than the consistency that we are able to maintain on our Weekly selections which are located within our home page.

We are able to maintain these very high strike rates by only focusing on very specific football leagues, then we target specific fixtures with those leagues, and apply a proven mathematical formula to qualify each selection.

So when it comes to our football betting tips 1X2 selections, they are able to maintain very high strike rates within a variety of football betting markets available on the betting exchange.


After our very detailed selection process we are left with football betting tips 1X2 with the highest probability percentage wise of returning a profit long term either from trading or from single and multiple betting.

This very detailed approach has proven to be very effective for a very long period of time, and it is all taught within our football betting tutorials that are currently available at a 90% discounted price.

We also use the same proven football betting strategy for the Weekly selections which are posted up for our subscribers every Monday around Midday, and you can follow there consistency within our results section.


What we are able to teach you within our football betting tutorials, is a proven selection strategy that will give you the ability to produce professional tips 1X2 on a daily basis.

Once you have your selections for the Week you will be able to extract your profit either from pre match or in play trading, or you can simply place single and multiple bets for your long term profit.

We find that Betfair and Betdaq offer the best solution for market investments, and due to there popularity and high volumes of liquidity, we are able to extract our profit with the minimum of delay.


After you have gained the football betting knowledge that will give the ability to highlight the most profitable fixtures from the rest, you will have a Weeks supply of the very best football betting tips 1X2.

The benefit of only investing in selections with a very high probability of a positive outcome, has proven to be very effective when it comes to maintaining long term profitable strike rates on a number of football betting markets.

To keep up to date with regular football news and statistics we highly recommend 3rd party websites such as bbc sport, soccerway, and admachoi, just to name a couple that appear to very reliable on a daily basis.


Here at Quantum Sports Betting we only supply our members & sucbscribers with the best tips 1X2, as we know the importance of helping them to achieve long term profit margins within there betting portfolio.

We know that if we do not deliver with our best tips 1X2 then we will not be able to maintain our subscribers & members on the long term basis which we have currently, and successfully been able to do.

We put our long term success down to the very detailed approach that we take for each selection, before we decide to execute any of our football bets, and this has proven to be very effective so far.


Within our Weekly selections that are posted up for our subscribers every Monday around Midday, you will find the very best football betting tips 1x2 selections for long term gains.

The reason that our football betting tips 1x2 are so successful long term, is due to the fact that each one has to qualify from a very detailed selection process for individual betting markets.

It is this very detailed approach which has lead to our football betting tips 1x2, being able to maintain long term profitable strike rates, within a variety of football betting markets.

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