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When it comes to betting and trading on football matches at a professional level, there are some great 3rd party websites available, such as the bbc sports website and also soccerway.


SR% = Bets won divided by bets placed multiply by 100 = Strike rate percentage
BW = The number of your bets that won
BP = The number of your bets that got placed in total
BW divided by BP multiply by 100 = SR%

AWO = Average winning odds
A = All of your winning odds added together
B = The number of your bets that won
A divided by B = AWO

LTP = Long term profit and loss
L = The number of your bets that lost
LTP = AWO multiply by B minus L = +/- LTP

Example 1 = If your SR% = 25% then AWO needs to greater than decimal 4.0
Example 2 = If your SR% = 50% then AWO needs to be greater than decimal 2.0
Example 3 = If your SR% = 80% then AWO needs to be greater than decimal 1.25