If your looking to produce mega accumulator tips that are going to be successful each Week, then look no further than the mathematical betting strategies that we can teach you within our football betting tutorials.

You only have to follow our long term strike rates, and our results section to know that our proven football betting formulas can deliver when it comes to producing successful mega accumulator tips.

Here at Quantum Sports Betting we can teach you how to rank the banker bet selections, which could then qualify in your mega accumulator tips to land a decent priced mega accumulator bet over the Weekend.


We usually recommend to our members and subscribers to only use selections on singles, doubles, and trebles, however due to our strike rates, much larger multiple bets are known to be successful each Week.

For a mega accumulator tips bet we would highly recommend including over 0.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals, and double chance selections, as these are the markets that we are able to maintain the highest strike rate percentages.

Now of course the more selections within your Weekly accumulator bets the bigger the price will be, but it will also come with more risk, as the more selections there is, the chances of a selection letting your whole bet down also increases.


You may find it quite surprising to read that accumulator bets are not that difficult to land each Week, providing that you are using a proven mathematical betting strategy to make your selections.

Our members and subscribers are able to maintain long term profitable strike rates on a variety of football betting markets due to the fact that we teach how to implement proven mathematical betting strategies into our selection process.

Now of course with accumulator betting you possibly want to focus on the qualifying selections priced from decimal 1.0 - 2.0, as this will give your accumulator bet the best chance of being successful.


Our mathematical betting strategies produce mega accumulator tips each Week, and the bets are then placed on the betting exchange, the two most popular at the moment are betfair and betdaq due to there market liquidity.

With our strike rate percentages being so high, especially within the lower priced markets, subscribers and members are often landing 5 folds up to 20 fold accumulators depending of course on there targeted markets.

But as you know with any sports betting there are always events that can occur that are unpredictable, such as an early red card or an injury to a key player early on in a match, that in most cases will effect how the rest of the match plays out.


As a member you will have access to the best mathematical betting strategies that are currently available for producing mega accumulator tips on a Weekly basis with very high success rate percentages.

The mega accumulator tips that we produce, can also be used for pre match and in play trading, as well as both single and multiple betting for long term profitable strike rates on a variety of football betting markets.

Our football betting tutorials are currently available at a 90% discounted price, or you can just follow our Weekly selections at just £2.50 per Week, your Weekly profit from our selections is pretty much guaranteed.

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