You can learn how to analyse football matches within our very easy to understand football betting tutorials which are currently available at 90% discounted price, and they are located within our tutorials section.

Here at Quantum sports betting we put our long term betting and trading success down to a few key elements, which include only targeting specific leagues, fixtures, betting markets, and then applying our mathematical betting strategy.

These 4 key elements combined into our overall selection process has enabled us to only bet in very high quality selections that have been quickly identified in very fine detail.


There are some great 3rd party websites available that will assist you in collecting all of the relevant football data that you may require to be a successful football bettor and trader.

You can follow all of the news and injury updates on websites such as bbc sport, and other websites such as adamchoi and soccerway which cover pretty much every up to date football statistic that you can think of.

The great thing about being able to bet and trade at a professional level is that you can earn some fairly easy money from the comfort of your own home providing that you remain disciplined within your betting.


As a professional football bettor and trader it's always worth taking a look around to see where the best value is being offered on your football betting and trading selections.

Some local bookmakers may be offering a price boost on your selection, but what we tend to find is the best value is mostly found on the popular betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq which have the most liquidity within there betting markets.

You should also take into account the various commission rates that you may be getting charged from your profit when using a betting exchanges as this will effect your overall profit turnover.


When you have fully learnt how to analyse football matches correctly you will find that the final outcome of selections for that Week of betting and trading will be very rewarding on the betting exchange.

This is due to the fact that when you learn how to analyse football matches correctly you are left with a much higher percentage of selections that will be successful, and very few that won't be.

So knowing how to analyse football matches correctly maximizes your Weekly profit margins by filtering which markets you should invest in, and which markets you should avoid to secure your profits.


As you see from our selection process, we mostly focus on quality bets as appose to quantity, which enables us to achieve much higher strike rates which in turn protects our profit margins from our betting and trading.

If you are looking to become a successful football bettor and trader, you will find it very rewarding long term if you were to gain the knowledge of how to analyse football matches correctly, for all of your betting and trading.

How to analyse football matches correctly is all taught within our football betting tutorials, or you can just follow our Weekly football betting and trading selections which are posted up every Monday around Midday.


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