Here at Quantum Sports Betting we apply the best football betting system to each of our football betting and trading selections before we decide to place any of our bets onto the betting exchange.

Our mathematical betting strategies have proven to be very effective for a very long period of time, and this is further highlighted with the strike rate percentages on our home page, and also our results section.

The mathematical betting strategies that we apply to make these selections are taught to members within our easy to follow step by step guide within our football betting tutorials which are currently available at a 90% discounted price.


When you have the ability to bet and trade at a professional level it is still not possible to have a proven football betting system that never loses, this is due to the variants that can occur which are unpredictable.

For instance things like red cards and injuries to key players early on in a football match, will in most cases have a significant impact on how the rest of the match is played out until the final whistle.

To be a successful football bettor and trader you are looking for a mathematical betting strategy, and a gambling system that never loses, but over a long period of time for steady increases to your profit margins.


Our best football betting system continues to be very effective when it comes to extracting profit from the betting exchange, the 2 most popular exchanges at the moment are Betfair and Betdaq.

Due to there popularity amongst most sports bettors and traders, you will find that within the popular betting markets there is enough liquidity for traders to extract there profit with the minimum of delay.

Once we have applied our best football betting system, and qualified each of our selections, we then have the option to back at the best price early on, and then either trade out for profit pre match or in play.


For all sports betting mathematical formulas to be successful long term, the user must also remain disciplined throughout the selections process, and maintain the correct staking plan of 1% - 5% of there overall betting bank per bet.

The best football betting system that we teach each of our members, and apply for the Weekly selections focus on being able to maintain long term profitable strike rates in a number of football betting markets.

When it comes to betting and trading at a high level in popular football matches, it can be very helpful to keep up to date with all of the latest news and statics from websites such as bbc sport and soccerway which are very reliable.


Our proven football betting system targets very specific leagues, and then we highlight certain types of fixtures within those leagues, we then apply our best football betting system to these fixtures.

This detailed selection process then enables us to qualify and rank each selection for a variety of football betting markets, before we decide to place any of our football bets onto the betting exchange.

This selection process has proven to be very effective for a very long period of time, and it continues to produce selections that are able to maintain long term profitable strike rates in a number of football betting markets.


When you have the ability to implement our mathematical betting strategies into your daily betting, you will soon come to realize that great gains can still be made, but with minimal risk to your betting bank.

This is simply due to the fact that with our proven football betting formulas are so accurate, each time a bet is placed from the selection process, it always has a very high percentage win factor.

Our mathematical betting strategies are ideal if you are looking to make profit from pre match and in play trading, or you are looking to maintain long term profits from both single and multiple betting.

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